What’s Your Why?

What’s your why?

It’s extremely important for us all to take a moment to truly think deeply on what is the driving force behind becoming a trader.

Of course, we want to make money but there has to be more. There has to be a burning desire deep down inside of you.

For myself, I knew that life had far more to offer than spending 8 hours working, 1-2 hours commuting, 8-10 hours sleeping, and having 3-4 hours to cram everything else in to make life feel meaningful.

A lot of times, traders are the black sheeps in the family who have always thought differently than the rest.

We have to tap into that deeper power within ourselves to maintain a level of consistency and discipline that few will ever experience.

One of the best ways to do this is by making sure you are clear on your WHY.

Is it to provide a better situation for your family? Create a lifestyle filled with adventure and freedom? Or maybe be able to pursue your true passions and creative interests.

It’s all possible.

The key to bringing those goals to fruition is the feeling behind it.

Invoking feelings of gratitude NOW for the outcome we seek in the FUTURE is the key to unlock the results you’ve been seeking.

By doing this, you trick your mind and body into believing that you already have the circumstances you’re visualizing which in turns creates new neuro-pathways in your brain that will support you in achieving and materializing those goals.

Pretty crazy, right?

So what do you want to create? Is it passing a prop firm challenge, getting a 5 figure payout? Be clear and intentional.

Check out this interview by Dr. Joe Dispenza on how we can create the experiences we seek:

Trading has sent me down a personal discovery and development journey that nothing else can compare to and im grateful i can share my knowledge with you.

Wishing you success.