Ray’s TFT Interview

With over the past 8 years of trading experience Ray found that the key to becoming profitable and maintaining profitability came directly from being discipline.

If we think about the people we deem great in today’s society or throughout history from the sports world to tech and business. One distinguishing quality all of these people posses is discipline and they have the will power to push through and give all it takes to be successful.

I’m sure of us all know how hard it can be just to stick to consistent workout plan or a diet for the ideal level of fitness we want to achieve.

Just one slip can take us off and derail us from reaching our goal.

So imagine how hard it can be to slip in trading when there is always money on the line which plays a HUGE psychological role.

In this TFT interview with Ray you get an amazing opportunity to see that he started out just like you as a student wanting to improve the quality of his life and do something he’s passionate about. As well as what it took for him to get from where he started as a music producer to becoming a profitable trader educating and impacting thousands of others around the world to get the trading results they seek.

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