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As a trader, it can be tough to learn how to translate what you’re learning in a video course over to the live markets. 

Although you can actually learn how to trade, develop a strategy, and know when to enter and/or exit a position, you’re missing a major piece of the puzzle.

PSYCHOLOGY of the LIVE markets.

We’ve been looking for new ways to help accelerate your learning curve as a trader and this is how the the TGFX LIVE TRADE ROOM concept was born.

You’re not alone.

It can be a frustrating battle trying to take on the markets alone.

During our live trading room, we will be not only marking up our charts for the days session but also taking our trade positions LIVE, managing them as well to our take profits to help you see first hand the psychology behind successful trading.

Everyone out there who may be more of a hands on learner will find immense value in seeing the concepts taught in action.

Our goal is to help you reach the consistency you deserve as a trader.



The live trade replays are posted in the private telegram group that you get access to after joining. This will allow you to go back and study previous trading days.

The live trade room is held from 5-7 am pst or 8-10 am est Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Fridays, we have a 1 hour psychology call to go over our week and prepare for the next.

Each trader focuses on one pair.


Dustin - AUDUSD

Jordan - XAUUSD

It is at your own discretion whose trades you’d like to follow. The most important part is to make sure you use proper risk management. Each trader has a limit of 3 trades per day. 

You can use the following recommendations based on how many traders you are following:

1 Trader -  use .5-1% risk
2 Traders - use .33-.5% risk
3 Traders - use .25-.33% risk

Traders have seen the most success from sticking to one defined plan. 

Ex 1: Secure full profits at 1:3

Ex 2: Hold your trade until the last profit target is achieved. 

Ex 3: Take off 33% of your trade at each profit target

Find the strategy that fits your personality best. All will lead to profitability if you maintain disciplined.

Be aware of spreads on your prop firms and brokers. This can lead to you being stopped out early or missing trades. If needed, add the spread to the stop loss size.

Use our recommended brokers to ensure all spreads, commissions, etc. are exactly the same as ours. Click here 

Yes, the lifetime membership is completely separate from the live trade room.

The lifetime membership applies to the course content, 1 on 1’s, as well as Discord group for members.