5 Day MasterClass


Day 1 (Foundation) -This Is where we lay the correct foundation. We will debunk the myths of the market, who moves it, why do they move it, is market liquidity engineered, what controls the market sentiment, what do terms such as order blocks, order flow, order books, supply and demand, liquidity, inducement, retail. Institutions etc actually mean on a deeper level.

Day 2 (Algo) – Is all about fully comprehending the algorithm that the markets operate on. This is what literally shifts your perspective out of the levels of retail mentality into institutional thinking. Nothing in the markets happens randomly. Don’t let that go over your head. 

The fact there’s an algorithm, in other words a rhythm that the markets follow day by day  means that once you understand it you can now flow with it instead of being caught on the wrong side and used as a traders exit liquidity.

Day 3 (Entries) – Is focused on tying all of the concepts from day 1 and day 2 together to master the art of the lower timeframe entries. You’ll be able to confidently take trades on your own with 1-5 pip stop losses. My favorite part of this method is the fact that your trading day can be done in minutes based off of the risk to rewards with our small stop losses.

Day 4 (Psychology) – Now this is my favorite day of all because we all know that trading is arguably 90% mental. Over my journey, i’ve spent countless time reading books on trading, psychology, personal development, and everything else I thought could improve my trading.

I will not only be giving you proven methods to turn you into a better trader, but also aiding you in the process of removing your bad trading habits and trading errors which all stem from you guessed it.. Your psychology. 

By the end of Day 4, you will fully understand how the parts of your brain that influence your trading decisions work and how to optimize them for your trading success.

Day 5 (Trade To Live) – As mentioned in the beginning of the video, there’s a million videos on trading strategies and trader lifestyles but none that teach you what to do with the money you earn from trading as well as having everything in order from the beginning so that you don’t end up going through the same pitfalls as i did which waste time, energy, and money.

What kind of trader does this work for? It works for all styles of trading whether it’s scalping, intraday, or swing trading. I’m not teaching you a one off strategy like a break and retest or a moving average cross over. Im literally teaching you the algorithm behind price action movement.

Keep in mind that i am not a CPA but i will be sharing with you every detail of how I structure my life from Creating LLC’s to run trading profits through, setting up payroll, going over what’s needed to purchase cars, rent apartments or purchase a home.