Time, Price, Liquidity, Volume

Before diving into the technical side, it’s important to understand the logic or the “why” behind the strategy. The core concepts of the TGFX strategy is Time, Price, Liquidity, and Volume.

Time – Is represented as the specific trading window our trading strategy references. We only trade NYO (New York Open – 7am to 10am CST) and Asia/London Crossover (Asia/London Crossover – 1 am to 4 am CST). These time windows hold significant importance to the success of the strategy.

Price – Is represented as the specific time frames and levels we trade from for our strategy. Our core timeframe is the H3 (3 Hour Timeframe) in which we use to find IOP (Institutional Order Pools).

Liquidity – Is represented as the levels in the market at which stop losses from both buyers and sellers would be resting. The market seeks liquidity from the opposing side before making it’s real move. Our main liquidity levels will be based off of the H3 timeframe.

Volume – Is represented as the underlying sentiment/catalyst for price to deliver a sizeable move. This includes Day of week, News events, etc. Our goal is to only participate when high volume/volatility is available.