Jordan’s TFT Interview

Big shoutout to TGFX’S very own trading coach Jordan!

Jordan started out like many of our members just seeking a mentor and strategy that could take him to the level of consistent profitability in the market.

Coming from humble beginnings Jordan’s goal was to always inspire and motivate others to be the best version of themselves in whatever they chose.

Safe to say he’s done that with trading.

In time after studying through the course work day and night when the pandemic originally hit to eventually taking the TGFX 5DC everything began to click for him.

It took time, dedication, and a ton of resilience but, Since taking the 5DC Jordan has been able to get funded across multiple firms, Get consistent payouts and has just recently been invited to Miami for a podcast with the funded trader.

Take a deeper look into Jordan story going from a student to a professional trader and coach with us here at TGFX.

Check out Jordan’s TFT Interview