How To Control Your Emotions As A Trader

Why emotions play such a big part in our trading

Emotions help dictate your choices and actions throughout your life. For example, i’m sure you’ve noticed when you’re angry or sad you make more irrational decisions than if you were calm and relaxed.

Strong emotions also release chemicals in our brain like dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, and more. Understanding how our brain and emotions work is key to becoming a great trader.

What causes our fear and stress response?

The Amygdala – The oldest part of our brain, which was create to protect us back in the prehistoric days when humans lived in the wild, had to run from predators, and basically overall help us survive. The amygdala produces a fight or flight response to stress which causes an automatic response which could be good or bad depending on what the programmed response was. 95% of our actions and habits are subconscious (automatic without conscious thought).

The Prefrontal Cortex – The newest part of our brain which allows us to make conscious decisions and actions. By meditating, listening to binaural beats, affirmations, taking cold showers, and doing breathwork, you will train your self to be able to suppress the amygdala (fight or flight automatic stress response) and act from your pre frontal cortex (conscious thought).

Meditation, Binaural Beats, Affirmations –

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Cold Exposure and Breathwork –