My random thoughts on prop firms..

Lately i’ve been doing a lot of thinking on this topic. Especially with a new prop firm popping up almost every few days claiming to be “the best”. The industry is starting to feel crowded and oversaturated as more people want a piece of the pie that once belonged almost

Watch Out For News This Week! 05/09/2023

Hey TGFX Family, More big news dropping this week! As traders we should keep a close eye on three major events that could have a significant impact on the financial markets – Inflation, the debt ceiling issue, and Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP).The Consumer Price Index (CPI) report for April, scheduled to

Optimal Nutrition For Traders

Today we are going to go over the optimal diet for traders. Diet is something we want to make sure we take care of. What we put in our body affects our level of focus, and as traders we have to be able to maintain a clear cognition while we

How To Control Your Emotions As A Trader

Why emotions play such a big part in our trading Emotions help dictate your choices and actions throughout your life. For example, i’m sure you’ve noticed when you’re angry or sad you make more irrational decisions than if you were calm and relaxed. Strong emotions also release chemicals in our