Connecting To The Present PT.2

In our last blog post, we discussed how connecting to the present moment can greatly assist in developing your intuition to unlock your best trading results. The most common question we received after releasing this post was a simple but, essential one: “How can I learn to connect more to

Ray’s TFT Interview

With over the past 8 years of trading experience Ray found that the key to becoming profitable and maintaining profitability came directly from being discipline. If we think about the people we deem great in today’s society or throughout history from the sports world to tech and business. One distinguishing

Jordan’s TFT Interview

Big shoutout to TGFX’S very own trading coach Jordan! Jordan started out like many of our members just seeking a mentor and strategy that could take him to the level of consistent profitability in the market. Coming from humble beginnings Jordan’s goal was to always inspire and motivate others to

Connecting To The Present

So you’ve spent time mastering the technical side of trading and have gained the experience to understand how the market moves along with how big of a factor psychology affects your trading. So what the next step to get you further into the trading zone? The next step is to

The Ideal Trading Mindset PT.2

In part 1 of the Ideal Trader mindset we learned that we must become fearless but, not reckless in our trading. One of the way’s we learned to achieve this is through becoming systemized. It can be hard to achieve a systemized approach to trading the market when we are

Revealing My Trading Results

When’s the last time you’ve reflected honestly on your trading results? If you haven’t started tracking and recording your trades, you’re missing out on so much information that could skyrocket your results. I track every single trade I take to be as transparent as possible about the trading journey but